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Welcome to the Principality of Quagstone!

            Hello! Welcome to the official website of the Principality of Quagstone! This "micronation" has been founded for the sole purpose of finding a place in the world for all those muddled ones in the Earth's society. A micronation is a (usually) small nation, founded for the (usually) sole purpose of the founder's personal satisfaction. Some micronations do not even have physical boundaries. Some, created by (usually) geeks bent on making the world into an all-digital world. Let us listen in on one of these wonderful conversations:

            Geek 1: Well, (snort) Frederick, the nation of Czechoslovakia has existed too long in the physical world. It's time that we turn all those foreigners into bytes and transfer the Blue Danube into a metal disk.

            Geek 2: (snort) Thomas, your theory has too many holes in it. Number one, the country of Czechoslovakia split into two separate nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Number two, we would turn those citizens into bits, not bytes. Lastly, the Danube river does not belong solely to the Czechs and the Slovaks, it also belongs to Austria, Germany, and other countries. I don't even know if it borders the former republic of Czechoslovakia. Honestly, you make no sense.