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Finding the way to being muddled

can sometimes leave you quite befuddled

but, don’t despair

you will get there

when your whole mind has puddled


A homeless man once said to me

“I want you to walk to Tipperary”

I walked and walked and walked some more

Wow, that trip was quite a bore

I finally came to a house so white

I slept there in the middle of the night

The people there, they kicked me out

But not with out a parting clout

I ran away with a smile on my face

I walked into another place

The folk in there, they said to me

“Leave this town, leave Tipperary”

So I walked home, not knowing how I went

I was quite broke, my money spent

I’m now a bum, I’m on the street

I’ll tell the next man that I meet

Yes, leave this town, now don’t you see

Go to a town called Tipperary!

Quagmire of Life

Swampy, stagnant

Can suck you in

But, when approached properly,

It can become a pure shelter for all.


Confused, mistaken

Call it what you want

If you don't know what you're doing

You'll do a better job

Be what you want

I can't force you

But I'm a muddled one

And proud of it


Everyone makes mistakes

And we admit to that

So when someone messes up

Why should it be bad?


Is a title for it

So remember these words

Next time someone has a fit

This webpage was authored by Andrew Squires and added to the web November 24, 1999.