These links are some of my favorites on the whole internet.

Have you ever wanted to find out if Hamsters Dance? This site is a most unusual use of Javascripting!

For all you radio comedy fans, here is a website devoted to Col. Stoopnagle, celebrity radio comedian in Buffalo, NY.

This wonderful website is a biography about one of this century's greatest actors, Vincent Price.

Find the White House, or your house with Soviet spy satellite photos. Type in the name of your town and zoom in to different levels of clarity. A definite must see!

Click on the right part of the tree and win money!!!!!!! For you get rich quick peoples, this is the site for you!

For those of you who enjoyed my website, you can visit the unofficial Muddled Ones, Inc. site!

All of us here at Muddled Ones, Inc. enjoy Douglas Adams and his books. Visit his website here!

This site is about a man and a crazy plan: To take over a gun turret off the coast of England and form a nation.

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